We’re hiring!

RabbitNode and RabbitWorks has a lot of new open vacancies including managerial positions like Head of RabbitWorks. We’re awaiting your résumés at careers@rabbitnode.com

Is this the right fit?

We urge you to take a look at what we do and how our services work before applying. Give our services a shot, if you can, and ask yourself: is this a space I would be passionate working in? Experimenting in? Are these people — remember, we are people, just like you — the ones I want to spend my time with?

Well, we want to make sure each person who applies for RabbitNode gets to be a happy member of the team. And if not, what we do will become a burden. With that in mind, please take a look at all our open positions.

Are you a kind, honest, and hard-working individual? All tasks are done remotely, so it is important that you can function in such a working environment. The ideal candidate is professional but human, thrives in social settings and has relevant experience to their job.

(Internships are not offered. Jobs can taken as part-time or full-time.)

The benefits

Work remotely but live lively

50% our team is from the US but we don’t have set “working hours”. We expect everyone to get work done on time. Work hard or work long: the choice is yours!

A different way to work

If you not only reach all the set targets for your department but also set new records or do extraordinary work, you will get something extra!

The requirements

  • Must be at least 16 years old
  • Ability to work for at least 18 hours a week
  • Must have excellent communication skills verbally and by text
  • Must be able to use work tools (Discord, G Suite, and so on)
  • Must be prepared to work within a close team
  • Medium to high level understanding all of our services
  • Basic understanding of Linux, networking, VPS, and dedicated servers

Nice to have

  • Skills in support and sales to assist in these departments where necessary
  • A very strong understanding of the services that we offer
  • Multiple fluent speaking languages
  • Unique ideas
  • A cover letter personalized for RabbitNode
  • Other relevant experiences

New vacancies

Commercial Director

We’re looking for a person with experience in marketing and sales. In this role you will be responsible for crafting advertisement, ensuring client relationships are retained, and otherwise improving the commercial standing of RabbitNode.

Head of RabbitWorks

We’re looking for a person with excellent leadership skills, project management techniques, communication skills, and general kindred spirit. For this position you must have previous experience managing a team.

Illustrator / Animator

This position is for both RabbitNode & RabbitWorks. We want to make RabbitNode designs more lively with modern, beautiful illustrations and give our clientele access to the same kinds of designs via RabbitWorks.

Web Developer / Web Designer

This position is for both RabbitNode & RabbitWorks. RabbitNode is working on a new web experience for its customers which requires an extra hand and RabbitWorks needs an extra person to provide the same kind of high quality service.

Graphic Designer

This position is for both RabbitNode & RabbitWorks. RabbitNode is always looking for talented designers to join its team and RabbitWorks is no exception. This role requires experience with brand design.

Back-End Developer

This position is for both RabbitNode & RabbitWorks. RabbitNode has exciting development projects coming up, including Eros — an intelligent AI support bot — and other projects like Maven.

RabbitNode Representative

We’re looking for a person that can handle support requests, scout for potential sales opportunities, moderate our communities, help with RabbitWorks, and otherwise help with the general operation of RabbitNode.

How to apply

  1. Compile a strong résumé.
  2. Add a cover letter (optional but strongly recommended).
  3. And email your finds to careers@rabbitnode.com!

(We prefer if you use Google Docs but Word files are okay, too.)

There is currently no deadline.